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    Local, Student Focused Learning
    As a product of the upstate public education system, Morgan knows the importance of local initiative and student based-learning. Morgan stands in strong opposition of “one-size-fits-all” education policy and Common Core. Morgan will work to ensure upstate school districts receive their fair share of funding and the freedom to educate their students in diverse, creative, and personal ways. Morgan will prioritize innovative education policy and look to local education experts, teachers, and students for advice on legislative action.
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    Economic Freedom and Development

    Create economic opportunities and reduce the burdens on local businesses
    Economic Freedom and Development Create economic opportunities and reduce the burdens on local businesses Small business is the backbone of the Upstate New York economy. To ensure local small businesses have every opportunity to thrive, Morgan believes in business tax reform, promoting investments in energy and infrastructure, and getting rid of regulatory burdens that are stifling growth.
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    Support our Local Upstate Farmers
    Local and family farms have a direct impact on our upstate economy. We need to ensure that the next generation of farmers is able to continue their family’s legacy. Morgan believes in reducing harmful regulations facing local farmers and will stand up to the state mandates that are crushing small business, agricultural developments, and agribusiness in our area. Morgan will oppose minimum wage increases, increase funding for agricultural education programs in high schools and higher education, and ensure that Upstate is receiving it's fair share of infrastructure funding.
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    Defending the Constitution

    Protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights
    The SAFE Act was a disastrous piece of legislation that was passed overnight with no public input. Morgan will stand against the SAFE Act, fight to repeal it, and will be a strong defender of our 2nd Amendment Rights. It is important to acknowledge that our rights shall not be infringed and we need elected officials that will defend them. Morgan is a gun owner, an avid sportsman, and knows the importance of responsible gun ownership to our Upstate culture.

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